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Internet presentation of Spiš Regional Development Agency has an ambition to introduce to you its activities since establishment in 1996 until nowadays.

Spiš Regional Development Agency (SRDA), similarly to other agencies in the concept of integrated network of RDAs supported by Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic acts as non-profit organization, which is focused on boosting economic development in the region via institutional cooperation of public administration, private and third sectors, via coordination of the support to investments by implementation of particular state sector politics with contribution of financial funds of European Union, based on the active participation of the regions themselves.


Basic aims:

·         to cooperate with the state, regional and local administrations to formulate to goals and measures to reach region´s development in the sphere of social, economic and technical infrastructure, in the sphere of local economic development – strategic planning and in identification potential financial sources for this development

·         to create conditions for implementation of regional development project, to initiate, to coordinate and lead development projects and initiatives

·         to lobby for the region´s interests and needs, to foster implementation of state regional policy and policy of regional self-government

·         to support progress of business activities, resulting in job creation and attracting of foreign investments

·         to carry on the region´s promotion and its potential at home and abroad


·         information unit (on EU issues, structural funds, actual grant schemes (as well domestic ones) and any other issues relevant to regional development)

·         consultancy (for business clients, municipalities, micro-regions, NGOs and citizens)

o   when applying for financial funds domestic and EU and any other donors

o   when designing strategies of economic and social development

·         project development

o   design of grant application (EU funds, other foreign and domestic donors and grant schemes)

o   design and elaboration of project intents

o   elaboration of business plans

o   participation as partners on projects in implementation

·         promotion

o   identification and intermediary in the issue of business contacts in Slovakia and abroad for business sector, associations and other who are in interest

o   promotion of the region and individual entities on domestic and international fairs and exhibitions

Programs and projekcts

  • in the sphere of strategic planning

Program of economical and social development of Microregion MILOJ Spiš – 2006

Program of economical and social development of Municipality Spišské Vlachy – 2006

Programs of economical and social development of municipalities Bystrany, Jamník, Harichovce, Olcnava, Spišský Hrušov, 2006 – 2008

Program of economical and social development of Municipality Lieskovany, 2005
Program of economical and social development of City Spišská Nová Ves, 2004

Strategy of economical development of the Hnilecká dolina valley, 2004

  • in the sphere of infrastructure for entrepreneurship
    and investments development

Terms of reference for feasibility studies of HTP Cassovia and VTP Technicom Košice and Technological Centre of renewable energy in Košice, 2007


– international project focused on financial instruments in regional development, cluster establishment and management for sector of SMEs

Sustainable development and capacity building in the sphere of industrial zones in the Košice region, GOM Vlaams-Brabant, 2004-2005

– transfer of know-how in the sphere of industrial zones development, consultancy and follow up in case studies in Spišská Nová Ves

  • in the sphere of training

Training program for potential workers and entrepreneurs at tourism sector, SOP Human Resources, 2006 – 2007

– multi-module program focused on specific professional, foreign language (English) and IT preparation for work in the sector

STRATOS, Leonardo da Vinci, 2005

– support to wider applications of Floss software in the SMEs sector

Reintegration of women into working process, Grant Scheme Development of Human Resources, 2004-2005

– support to women employment returning onto labour market and this through a analysis of personal profile and delivering the basic abilities and skills in ICT and English language

  • in the sphere of tourism development

PALAIS – Innovative strategies and methodologies for protection of cultural and historical monuments, INTERREG IIIC South, 2007-2008, www.palaisinfo.eu

– design and testing of innovative methodology on chosen case studies

ROCHUS – Renaissance, revitalization of historical events and mining traditions of the Spiš region, INTERREG IIIA, 2007

– feasibility study of planned investment and non-investment project intents in Spišská Nová Ves and surroundings

Study of Natural Dukla Battlefield, 2006

– analysis of area potential for tourism development and new jobs creation

Gothic Route – main touristic product in the Spiš and Gemer regions, Grant Scheme for Tourism Development, 2004 – 2005

– promotion of tourism sector and it’s the Gothic monuments in both regions via www. page (www.gothicroute.sk), presentations on international tourism fairs, via numerous brochures and maps

The most important project of the past.:

Improvement of Roma situation in the district Spišská Nová Ves, 1998
Focused on the improvement of Roma in the sphere of housing, education and small scale economic projects

Support to elaboration of regional economic development strategy of district Spišská Nová Ves, UNDP, UNIDO, Government of the Slovak republic, 1999
– analysis of economic and social potential of the area
– formulation of recommendations

WEP I. Wind Energy Potential, ECOS Ouverture, 2000-2002
International project, focused on the renewable energy potential evaluation of the area and establishment of wind park

Pre-feasibility study of business incubator in Prakovce, Government of the SR, UNDP, UNIDO, 2001

Business Incubator in Spišská Nová Ves, PHARE, BIC SNV, Municipality, 2002

Pre-feasibility study of business incubator in Gelnica, 2003

Pre-feasibility study of business incubator in Michalovce, 2003

Both documents surveyed the potential of particular towns and their surroundings in the sphere of economics and business environment in order to detect conditions and demand for establishment of business center for development of SMEs. Study contains architectonic design of building and economic and administrative model with calculations of effectiveness.

There has been a group of projects focused on tourism development in the region elaborated in the framework of so called. Projects of integrated framework of tourism development  of central Spiš.
The framework consists of the fundamental strategic and planning documents based on analysis of technical and economic conditions for different investments in the sphere of tourism in particular micro-regions.


Ing. Peter Malatinský
Managing Director,  sprag@srra.sk,
Ing. Elena Kemková
Manager, kemkova@srra.sk


Spis Regional Development Agency – SRRA
Štefánikovo námestie č. 1,
052 01 Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia
tel.: +421 (0) 53 44 11 429, 42 98 270, 0907 935 391

e-mail: srra@srra.sk, spisskarra@isrra.sk, sprag@srra.sk

IČO: 35531851


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