Erasmus+ newsletter – October 2017

Top news
In the spotlight: Quality in teaching and learning
Under the Erasmus+ programme, the merits of an international or skills-building experience are not only important for students, apprentices and volunteers. Our teachers and trainers can also benefit from exchanges that foster long-term pedagogical innovation. This in turn bolsters the teachers and trainers themselves, their fellow colleagues and learners, and society more broadly.
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More funding, more opportunities! Prepare for the 2018 Erasmus+ calls
The European Commission has adopted the Erasmus+ 2018 Annual Work Programme, marking the beginning of the process to launch all the Erasmus+ calls for 2018. Learn more about the extra funding and new opportunities!
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Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign closing event – save the date!
After a year full of events triggering plenty of emotions, memories and exciting developments for the future of the programme, the closing event of the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign lies a few weeks ahead. Save the date and come join us in Brussels on November the 30th to cheer one last time to three decades of mobility and exchanges under Erasmus+.
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Erasmus+ 30th anniversary videos win award in Cannes
One of the coveted Dolphin Trophies at the 8th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2017 was given to ICF Mostra last September 28th for the videos they have made for the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign.
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Vocational education and training
What is EQAVET? 5 examples of funded projects
The Erasmus+ programme has recently awarded grants to 19 EQAVET National Reference Points. Who are they, what will they do? Here are some answers.
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A new proposal to promote the quality and effectiveness of apprenticeships
The European Commission has proposed a new European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. If adopted, it could be useful to Erasmus+ VET learners who undertake apprenticeships.
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School education
Which policies can best support schools as learning organisations?
Erasmus+ does not only fund projects, but also supports policy cooperation between EU Member States. The Working Group on Schools, an expert group of education ministries and stakeholder organisations from more than 30 countries, has published a new report identifying examples of policies and initiatives from across Europe. It aimed at raising quality and equity in school, and concludes that support should be directed towards teachers and school leaders in their daily practices and professional development.
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500,000 teachers registered in eTwinning
eTwinning,the community for teachers and schools in Europe, is celebrating 500,000 registered users since its launch in 2005.
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Adult learning
What makes a good adult education teacher?
Knowledgeable? Skilled? Empathic? Innovative? Inclusive? Collaborative? Creative? All of these qualities can help make great teachers. The Erasmus+ programme is here to help you further develop your professional competences and become a better teacher.
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Attracting adult learners with culture and technology
A crucial component of quality in adult education is a learner-centred approach, adapted to the needs and expectations of the specific learners. With support from the Erasmus+ programme, many adult education providers have been able to develop and test such approaches.
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Improving youth work – your guide to quality development
Are you engaged in youth work? Then this guide is for you! It provides readers with a step-by-step guidance on how to engage in quality development in youth work and how to develop indicators and the tools needed to follow them up.
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Quality in learning mobility in the youth field: a new handbook in the works
Learning mobility is increasingly being employed as an educational tool both in formal and non-formal contexts, so issues of quality have become a more pressing concern than before. For a good reason: good quality in learning mobility will ensure that outcomes are optimised and that processes of recognition are facilitated. The European Platform for Learning Mobility can point the way forward.
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Coaching: a pillar of sports education
Quality coaching plays a central role in ensuring the correct development of sports skills and can help determine if an athlete pursues a professional career in sports. The role of coaches in sport and in society at large is one of the priorities of the Estonian Presidency.
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