Erasmus+ newsletter – Leto 2017

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In the Spotlight: Erasmus+ is worldwide
Erasmus+ does not only provide mobility opportunities within the 33 Programme Countries in Europe. Besides the 575 million people in these countries, there are almost 7 billion other people in over 150 Partner Countries throughout the rest of the world. Erasmus+ has a strong international side to it, which enables people and organisations worldwide to learn and work together. Find out more and get involved!
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Celebrating 30 years around the world
EU Delegations are the eyes and ears of the European Union in non-EU countries worldwide. Run by a mix of Commission officials and staff from EU countries’ Foreign Ministries, they liaise with national authorities and organisations on policy matters and oversee EU projects focused on ‘their’ country. They also play a role introducing people to Erasmus+ opportunities.
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National Erasmus+ Offices: a look into Jordan’s Erasmus+ hub
If you are visiting the office of the Minister of Education in Jordan, one of the first things you will see on entering the building is an Erasmus+ banner. This is because the building is also home to the National Erasmus+ Office in Amman.
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Erasmus+ for Africa, and the EU-Africa Strategy
Erasmus+ opportunities extend worldwide, and the countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific are no exception. Discover the Erasmus+ strategy for these countries!
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Vocational education and training
Being a European apprentice has never been easier
For the past 4 years, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) has promoted the value of this form of learning. EAfA is now entering a new development phase with the European Network of Apprentices. The Erasmus+ programme is also making great progress to facilitate mobility of apprentices across Europe.
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Commission launches online tool to help integrate newly arrived non-EU nationals
As part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, the European Commission has developed a Skills Profile Tool to support the early identification of the skills of refugees, migrants and other third-country nationals.
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Chinese buildings and Lebanese music
What do Chinese building engineers have in common with Lebanese musicians and social workers? They are all participating in great Erasmus+ projects for vocational education and training!
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School education
eTwinning Plus welcomes neighbouring countries
eTwinning Plus was launched 5 years ago as a platform for schools in 6 EU neighbouring countries to connect to European Union schools using eTwinning. Teachers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tunisia have been actively involved in the eTwinning community. eTwinning Plus now accounts for more than 1,200 participating schools and 2,400 registered teachers, of whom almost 1,400 collaborate in active projects.
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From Switzerland to South Africa: inspiring European schools
What do the Swiss organisation “imedias” and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa have in common? They are both international partners of school education Strategic partnerships in Erasmus+! Find out how they inspire European schools…
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Adult learning
Ukrainian and European organisations join forces to promote women in society
Adult education is a great tool to empower women, both as citizens and entrepreneurs. Organisations from all over Europe and beyond are supporting the women who want to make a difference.
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South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Europe: together for democracy, inclusion and empowerment
Building democratic and cohesive societies can be challenging – European organisations join forces with partners from the African continent to inspire each other.
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Eastern Partnership Youth Forum: a success
From 22 to 23 June, the 3rd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum was held in Warsaw, Poland. The event included over 300 participants from 39 countries, and provided an opportunity for youth leaders, workers, and policy makers to meet and decide how they can work together to improve prospects for young people in Europe and its neighbouring region.
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Getting to know Africa though volunteering
Did you know that the Erasmus Volunteering Service (EVS) has partnerships outside of Europe? Young people have been volunteering in Africa – helping to foster EU-African cooperation and developing skills at the same time. Read the story of Csíki, an EVS volunteer in Benin.
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Addressing youth unemployment and exclusion through green entrepreneurship
The two-year PRESET programme saw young people from across Europe and Latin America work together on sustainable entrepreneurship projects.
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Jean Monnet projects inspire the young generation
Find out how Jean Monnet actions help shape the future for young Europeans by improving their knowledge about Europe.
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Erasmus+ sport goes international
Have you ever wanted to team up in an Erasmus+ Sport project with a partner from outside the EU but been scared you would lose out on funding? Erasmus+ Sport has – so far – only been partly open for international relations. This should change with the next call for proposals, to be published in autumn 2017, with a deadline for submission in 2018.
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